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Our Story

A Health Journey

The Owner

In 2012, my son had just turned two years old, it occurred to me that I no longer was just living for myself, but for him also. It caused me to take a hard look my health which was lead by my eating habits. I was tired, low energy, I had hypothyroidism, a torn meniscus in my left knee and my weight was out of control. I was always tired and it took everything in me to get up every morning regardless of how much sleep I had. I had tried every diet known to man and nothing worked or the results were very short lived. This is when I saw a film about juicing. So, I did a ten day juice fast. It was hard, but oh so worth it. I had amazing results. I went from eating mostly processed foods to vegetarian and naturalist. It resolved my hypothyroidism, the swelling in my left knee was gone and I gained tons of energy. Since, I have lost a total of 90lbs.

An Idea Is Born

After seeing what juicing had done for me, I knew I needed to share this amazing concept. We would like to think we have been able to help our customers see how attainable a healthy lifestyle can  be, and it all starts with the food we consume. A juice cleanse is not a diet, it is not meant to help you lose weight although you will lose weight, it is a tool to help give your body a reboot, a rest from all the chemicals and over processed foods we consume daily. We decided to do 100% organic to avoid pesticides, GMOs and any other toxins traditional farmed produce may contain. No sense in detoxing if we are adding other toxins through the very juices that are meant to detox our bodies. We even pick our own produce when possible, and that is always so much fun.

We thank you for your business and count ourselves lucky to be a small part in your health journey!

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